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As It Was: Elijah / Ruth / Samson (2009) En sub - смотреть онлайн
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Название: Как это было: Илия / Руфь / Самсон
Оригинальное название: As It Was: Elijah / Ruth / Samson
Год: 2009
Жанр: Драма, короткометражка, исторический, познавательный
Выпущено: США - Израиль
Режиссер: Рени Саар

Elijah: Get a deeper understanding of Elijah the Tishbite, by returning with us to 800 BC. Was he a fanatic or the savior of the Jewish religion? We speak with Ahab, the King of Israel, and his notorious wife Jezebel, along with the righteous King of Judea and the Widow whose son was saved by Elijah’s miracles. We even had a chance to speak with the servant sent to spy on Elijah, who provides an eyewitness account of his departure.

Ruth: Learn about the loyalty and faith of Ruth circa 1125 BC as we meet with Boaz (her husband), Naomi (her famous mother-in-law), Obed (her son who would become the grandfather of King David), and Ruth’s father and a jealous field worker who provided new insight into this famous woman.

Samson: Discover the human dimensions of a legendary strong man, his downfall, and his redemption, through the eyewitness accounts of those who knew Samson best. We go back to 1100 BC to interview Manoah (Samson’s father), Zilpa (Samson’s wife), the lethally seductive Delilah, as well as one of Samson’s fellow Nazarites and his nemesis Talon, the philistine commander.

Продолжительность: 01:35:14
Перевод: Английские субтитры

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As It Was: Elijah

As It Was: Elijah ≡˅
As It Was: Ruth ≡˅
As It Was: Samson ≡˅

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