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Moody Institute of Science (1945-1992)

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Moody Institute of Science (1945-1992)

The Moody Institute of Science educational films series are a collection of exceptionally produced vintage science films. These films take a comprehensive and holistic look at several interesting phenomenons and creatures found in the natural world. Each topic is scientifically explained and synthesized with humans and mans creations (for example comparing a venues fly trap to a bear trap and comparing a flashlight to an electric eel). These films always keep on eye on the future while remembering the lessons of the past and seem well ahead of their time.

City of Bees

City of Bees ≡˅
Dust or Destiny ≡˅
Empty Cities ≡˅
Experience With an Eel ≡˅
Facts of Faith ≡˅
God of Creation ≡˅
God of the Atom ≡˅
Hidden Treasures ≡˅
Journey of Life ≡˅
Of Books and Sloths ≡˅
Prior claim ≡˅
Red River of Life ≡˅
Signposts Aloft ≡˅
The Mystery of the Three Clocks ≡˅
The Professor and the Prophets ≡˅
The Ultimate Adventure ≡˅
Time and Eternity ≡˅
Voice of the Deep ≡˅
Where the Waters Run ≡˅
Windows of the Soul ≡˅

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Thank you very much for uploading these videos. They are truly amazing!


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